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Dr. Sue discusses the power of energy healing to transform your life and provides practices and principles of The Energy Codes® coursework.



Habits or Have-its


Which are you living from? Your habits or your “have-its?”

When we wish, dream or desire, we tend to separate ourselves from that which we dream of. When we create from the energy of "someday" or "down the road" we actually create the energy of lack, missing and void. WE create the lack without even knowing it. It’s how we were raised, it's all we know – it’s just a HABIT. WE have what we have because of what we HAB!

Have something different, by HAVING IT ENERGETICALLY first. Create the vibration of what it would feel like to HAVE it, and you shall.

Wake your Habits and Awaken in Your HAVE-ITS! It is so much more Fun!


Dr. Sue's Voicemail to Humanity


Recently, Dr. Sue was asked the question,
"What Would You Say If You Were Leaving a Voicemail for Humanity?"
Her uplifting message comes when
we're all collectively standing at a crucial point in our human history.

Dr. Sue's Voicemail to Humanity

Winter Solstice Meditation with Dr. Sue

Winter Solstice Meditation with Dr. Sue

Enjoy this as a special gift -
video meditation class with Dr. Sue on the Winter Solstice.

Breathe in the Light this Holiday season.


Every Inflammation Leads to a Healing

On some level higher than the obvious, there is always only one thing happening, and it is Good.

No matter what might have happened in your world this week, if you have been polarized in any fashion, balance must occur. If what it is that you will have to embrace is obvious, then you are closer to your purpose.

If it is not obvious, then there will be another opportunity down the road for you to see the types of things that tend to polarize you: Judgments, Prejudices, Intolerances, even Hatreds. Perhaps there is great opportunity there.

With every outcome there are always people who are happy and people who are upset. Can you be one of the ones to hold the space for ALL?

If at first glance you are happy, can you hold compassion for those that see something differently? If not, then the moment will come for you to have the opportunity for the opposite experience – until we all get it clear that the Grand Neutrality, Heaven on Earth, is where we are all headed. If you are able to lead with Love and Compassion, then you too are closer to your purpose.

If you are upset, can you accept that perhaps you are capable of holding disappointment with Grace? Never underestimate your personal power or the power of What Is – they are one in the same if you allow them to be. You are Immense and you are Magnificent.

The Universe is constantly expanding and contracting in a Divine Pulsation. With every expansion there is an anchoring. With every opening, there follows a contraction. Feelings of disappointment, anger and fear are heavy and anchoring energies that ultimately serve our greater embodiment; just as the feelings of elation, joy and possibility serve that greater pulsation. If there is any feeling of upset, then perhaps it is time to practice what you know.

Can you be one who keeps their highest focus on the greater picture in a moment in time where contraction is offering you the opportunity to anchor what YOU can see as the highest possibility for Humanity? Can you anchor this in your own body, mind and breath right now? If so, then you are closer to your purpose.

Love more. Breathe more. Lean in more. Unite when you don’t want to. That is where the rubber meets the road. Be the healing in the exact places in which the inflammation has invited you. It may just provide the opportunity for you to see who you have become. And that will definitely bring you closer to your purpose here.

There is only one thing happening here, and it is You…and it is Good.

Learning the Hard Way

Are you someone who has gone through life learning the hard way? Continually bumping into circumstances that you don't like in order to figure out what you do like?

If so, check out this video where Dr. Sue Morter describes how we're now evolving past these experiences to a totally new way of being.

Click the image below to play the video.



Silence the Drama


Accentuated by a moment of deep introspection, we notice the crazed activity of the outer world. Funny thing is, it’s always that crazed. 🙂

When time stands still – and it actually always does – we see. We see what’s real. What matters most. When we allow ourselves. Question is, how often is that?

Blessed are we who know that it is in the “in between” moments of life, that we prepare for the “moments”.

If by chance you’re feeling the craze, take a moment and have time stand still.

Begin your “in between” practice with a moment of silence.

Awake at the Core and engaged in the Heart.


One minute of engaged silence. (You’ll notice a dramatic silencing of the drama). 🙂


Pretty cool and comfy in there huh?!  Funny thing is, it always has been. :).

What Are You Here To Hear?


Given that we teach what we desire to learn; given that we are the only One here; given that the only possible reality is the one that we project; and that we are Source itself in a body; and that there is only one thing happening here and it is Good — no exceptions; and given that we asked and so it was … there is actually quite a bit of evidence that this life experience is offering up a magnificent opportunity to “get” that it really is “all about You.” Question is, are you listening? 

Picture this: You’re in a big empty gymnasium, and everything you say echoes back to you. Make the gymnasium even bigger, the echo takes longer to return. But it eventually does. Make it even bigger, so that it reaches beyond your comfort zone, and the echo still returns, even though it may take so long, you forgot what you said. The beauty is, it still reminds you of what you were wanting to hear. Can’t fail. There’s that much support. It’s unconditional, unwavering and non-stop.

Hmmmm … What are you here to hear?

Turns out, listening to how you fill in the blanks in life teaches you a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot …(Is there an echo in here?) Here hear!

Do You Real Eyes Your Magnificence?!



Do You Real Eyes Your Magnificence?!

Or do you put those fake lenses on that cause all that turmoil?

Your “I’s” look so much better when they’re seeing the Real Deal. The Real You: Bold, Beautiful, Strong, Clear, Present, Open, Warm, Kind, Giving, Knowing, Curious, Fun and Funny as a get out! Just to mention a smidgen.

Are those the Eyes you see with? Or do you need to get your I’s checked?

Are you Squinting?! Whatever it takes! You’ll get used to all that Light soon enough! “Real-y.”

Struggle is an Addiction. Are you hooked?



By realizing the perspective itself, a shift begins.

By seeing all painful thoughts, exchanges and unspeakables as mere ingredients, examples and illustrations of the entire arena of "struggle," can you begin to simply choose to let go and Love?

Yes, Love.

The perfect medicine. The reliable antidote. The Universal Solvent.

If only we could package it; put it in a bottle...

Turns out we can. (That would be You.)

Might as well opt for it: Addicted to Love.    🙂

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