Morter Institute Patient Information

Your first visit includes a private consultation with Dr. Sue, a physical examination, two neurological scans, x-rays if needed and a pH saliva test. The initial consultation will be based on the confidential patient information forms downloaded from our website and completed prior to your visit.

Completed forms may be faxed to 317-872-9303 or e-mailed to us here.

During your consultation, Dr. Sue will discuss your needs in greater detail and share with you what our clinic has to offer. You will then receive a complete examination. This will include the following painless procedures: two neurological scans, reflex and range-of-motion testing, and standard orthopedic and postural tests. Lastly, a pH saliva test will be collected to determine the alkalinity level of your body. To ensure the accuracy of your pH test, please do not eat or drink anything except water for two hours prior to your appointment time.  

No unnecessary tests will be performed. All tests we administer are necessary to the complete understanding of what is involved with your case and will assist in prescribing a complete wellness program.

• All relevant confidential patient information and HIPAA privacy forms, completed and signed. (Available to download here.) 


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