Energy Codes® Study Program: Level IV


The Energy Codes® is a four-level course that can be taken in part or whole, focused on bringing Dr. Sue’s message to life within the individual’s specific daily experience.  Learn techniques to "embody" principles which can be practiced on a regular basis for a changed perspective in every aspect of life: relationships, career choice, physical well being, communication skill, physical healing and, most importantly, personal freedom.

Level IV: The Energy Codes® Study Program is an ongoing year-long study in the practical application of Dr. Sue’s teachings and the awakening process of Energy Man.  Integrate concepts from Ancient Wisdom, Quantum Science, and the Living Matrix for physical healing, mental and emotional alignment and spiritual awakening.  This program is designed for further study of the Energy Man concepts and direction on becoming a clear and open channel of inspiration and communication for others.

Includes Dr. Sue’s monthly MasterClass, an interactive online forum, a monthly live teleclass, and an annual live weekend event open to Energy Codes® Study Program participants only.


The Energy Codes® Level IV

Study Program and Retreat

Indianapolis, Indiana

June 7-10, 2018
*Open to Level III graduates only.*


“This one is what I live for!”

~ Dr. Sue


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