The Indy Retreat: Level III


The Energy Codes® (formerly Intentional Living) is a four-level course that can be taken in part or whole, focused on bringing Dr. Sue’s message to life within the individual’s specific daily experience. Learn techniques to ‘embody’ the principles she teaches, which can be practiced on a regular basis for a changed perspective in every aspect of life: relationships, career choice, physical well being, communication skill, physical healing and, most importantly, personal freedom.

Level III:  The Advanced Indy Retreat is a four-day retreat set between Dr. Sue’s home and healing center in Indianapolis, Indiana.   At this level, participants are well versed in the concepts of the Quantum energy field and their application.  Because of this, the group and individual experience is deepened further still as participants have been utilizing and practicing the concepts over a period of time.  A favorite event in the process of mastering the Life experience through The Energy Codes® program, the Advanced Indy Retreat allows the learning and awakening to continue to deepen in the comfortable beauty of Dr. Sue’s home, which creates a natural environment and “Sacred Space” for meditation and rejuvenation.  Nature plays a large role in the practical application and further embodiment of the work, with class time outside surrounded by the trees, lakes, and wildlife.





Participants will learn to:

* Recognize and celebrate that all paths in nature are winding paths.
* Bring forward personal gifts and let them lead.  Discover Life’s natural support.
* “You’ll know when you get there.”  Celebrate as Trusting the Process becomes easy.
* Find the Core. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Operate from there.
* Transcend the illusion and understand that Intentionality unfolds as the Highest Purpose in Life.
* Allow science and spirit to merge through the individual, consciously.  Love becomes smart!
* Rediscover what has Heart and Meaning and utilize this for Self-Healing.

The Energy Codes® Level III
Advanced Indy Retreat

Indianapolis, Indiana
1 pm Thursday - 4 pm Sunday
September 7-10, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana
1 pm Thursday - 4 pm Sunday
September 14-17, 2017 (sold out)

*Open to Level II graduates only.*


“By far the feedback has been that this Sacred Space event allows participants to put it all together for a life changing perspective that lasts.  I am honored to participate and to contribute to such awakenings.”



~ Dr. Sue


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