The Energy Codes Level II

"Dr. Sue provides the perfect framework and concepts and as always, there is ample time to anchor it all ...  If you're looking for the next step in your own evolutionary process, I believe this is a must!"  –Linda Croyle, M. Ed.


The Energy Codes® Level II: The Beach Retreat. This four-day event on the beautiful shores of Cancun, Mexico, allows for deeper exposure to the embodiment and mastery of how to shape shift the energy in life rather than continuing to have to "muscle" your way through by attempting to change circumstances. 

Reality lies in the subtle energy fields of the physical world long before it manifests in the obvious.  As we begin to master working on this level, we see the immense value of Intentionality far beyond just setting our sites on a goal in life to achieve.  Manifesting happens as a by-product of internal transformation. Learn simple techniques to further develop the your ability to consciously create your life experience, collaborate with what is, and reveal your true self.

In this retreat, you will:

* Learn specific techniques to activate vital life energies.
* Establish a daily practice to find the signs pointing to your life purpose.
* Cultivate the mastery and utilization of the "Gut Feeling at the Core."
* Capture more of the 11 billion ideas that bombard the energy field every second.
* Learn and practice BodyAwake™ technology to enhance the “6th sense."
* Experience multiple guided meditations and activations of subtle energy patterns.
* Open the physical energy system and nervous system for enhanced function.
* Joyfully engage in an advanced group dynamic of a conscious community.

Open to participants who have completed Level I live
or who have purchased the official Level I audio recording.

The Energy Codes® Level II:
The Beach Retreat

10 AM Thursday – 4pm Sunday

April 26-29, 2018
The Westin Resort & Spa
Cancun, Mexico

“Reality can shift in an instant. It is only limited by our lack of awareness. We are all Enlightened Beings. The question is: To what degree are we aware of this?”  –Dr. Sue


The Energy Codes® is a four-level course that can be taken in part or whole, focused on bringing Dr. Sue’s message to life within the individual’s specific daily experience.

Learn techniques to embody principles which, practiced on a regular basis, elevate your perspective and experience in every aspect of life: relationships, career choice, physical well being, communication skill, physical healing and, most importantly, personal freedom.

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