The Central Channel Breath


There is a channel that runs through the center of your body. It has been in existence even before your nervous system even developed in the womb. And this channel runs from the top of your head, through the crown center, and right down through the center of the brain, the center of the throat, the center of the chest, down through the center of the belly, down through the pelvis, and drops straight into the earth.

With the Central Channel Breath, just imagine that you’re moving energy up and down through this channel.


Breathing through the nose, imagine the breath starting about two inches above the head, and breathe consciously, right through the center of the brain, through the throat, into the heart, and into the belly. Breathe in, and make the belly big when you do, and exhale right down through this center, right into the earth. And then a deep breath comes up from the earth into the belly, and exhale, taking your imagination straight up and down through this central channel. This opens the channel and allows us to do so much work.

So now you know how to do it! No excuses… let’s begin.

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